Monday, April 13, 2009

Camping is fun!

We went Camping up at Tallulah Gorge State Park and had a blast! We hiked the trails, tried to build a fire, fished, and basically just hung out. It even snowed the last day we were there!

Here is the link for the park. I would encourage any of you to go! It's cheap and only an hour and a half away.

I'm also posting pictures from the trip on Picasa. You can view them here. I know Facebook is where everyone posts their stuff, but I've decided to be different. I'll link to my pictures there later.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a week!

This has been a tough one. Mark has been gone on his 8th mission trip to Nicaragua. Normally I don't give it another thought, I just go into "survival" mode and the kids and I get things done. This week we've been tested- all of us. I've talked to Mark a few times and he's said the trip has certainly been full of blessings, but also trials. You know it's true- the more good you have in your heart, the more you are challenged. Everyone around me here at home has been tested too- depression, exhaustion, mechanical failures. I don't know if they're dealing with their own battles or if the enemy has been on them because of their importance to me. These are all people I love (including Mark) so I have to wonder if this attack is meant for me. Thankfully my girls are what many refer to as "prayer warriors," so that has helped us all keep our cool. But boy, I sure could use a break!
Tonight Mark comes home. It will be good to hear of his trip. Mostly though, I'm looking for a good night's sleep!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.................right?

I'm thinking that since this year everyone is BROKE, maybe we'll be more focused on the "reason for the season." Possibly? Who knows. I've got a little shopping done, but I keep finding myself looking for more. Looking for that special something. You know how you find that great gift for someone and you're like "alright- THIS IS IT." I'm not finding it. Not for anyone. Not for my kids, or my husband.

My sister in law said the other day "we're just giving each other unconditional love for Christmas, right?" Now- at the time it was because she was looking to buy a new horse trailer that cost a bazillion dollars. But she really was onto something. We really should find a way to give one another love, courtesy, and kindness. It's just hard to wrap it up and put it under the tree. But I look around and the economy is terrible, our future as a country is sketchy, and Christians keep talking about "the end." Anybody who knows me should know that kind of talk sends me reeling. But, God does all things for a reason. I find that in the past few months I pray more, want less, and look for answers that are more "Godly" than "worldly."

Still, I have trouble with this holiday- I always have. Even those little $5 gifts that you stash for a rainy day. What if I forget someone? What if my Christmas cards get lost in the mail? What if I give someone a gift that they don't like or can't use? Do you think people will understand if I offer to give them "unconditional love" for Christmas?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Chivalry...........not dead

So today was just like any other day. Mark is out of town so the kids and I got up and left to run some errands. "Errands" to Emily means breakfast from the Golden Pantry. Sounds terrible- I know. I should have gotten up and made eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, and muffins. From scratch, of course. Anyway we head to Bishop to get our biscuits. As I head into the store (still a bit sleepy) a very nice man is coming out. He looks me dead in the eye and holds the door open for me. There are 2 very cool things about this event. 1) People generally suck, and he was really nice. Many times folks will not only have you open your own door, but will then scoot out before you can get in. 2) It was Bill Berry- Rockstar. Bill "I used to be the drummer for R.E.M. but now I am a hay farmer" Berry.

Now, I am not sure what his motives were. He could have taken one look at me and thought "Oh man, this lady REALLY looks like she needs me to open this door for her." But I like to think he was thinking "Hey- I remember this girl! I think I ran into her one night at the 40 Watt in 1989. After they closed down on Broad Street and moved to that hole off Clayton. I'm gonna open this door for her....."

That's what I'm going with. The last one. That or he was just being nice.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

One more thing..........

before I stop and forget about this blogging thing for the next 6 months, I also want to mention my friend Amy is a GENIUS! She is a stay at home mom that has started her own very successful business. Sweet Wee Bairn provides wonderful, stylish nursing covers for trendy moms! I'm so proud of her for coming up with such a great idea. Each cover is hand made by her in the material of your choosing. She also makes beautiful diaper carry pouches, bags, and changing pads. Check out her website!

I don't know what I'm doing.....

I guess I feel like with all the love I have for technology, I should have a blog. My friend Wes has a blog- maybe I think I'll be as funny as he is. Yeah, I know. Doubtful. Anyway, I'm always finding cool things online, interesting news, funny stories, etc. Hopefully I can use this as a way to easily "share" with my friends. We'll see.

My first find is something funny a friend showed me the other day. If politics make you want to vomit, and you think D&D is funny, you'll love this-